Equitable learning for ELLs starts here.


Empowering educators to effectively engage refugee & immigrant students.


Professional Learning

“Mitigating Culturally-Sensitive Trauma” and “Instructional Best Practices for ELLs” are our most popular courses. Explore these and other professional development workshops.

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Keynote Presentations

Louise offers engaging keynotes that center on student stories and practical applications. Each delivery is tailored to meet the focus and demographics of the host organization.

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Diversity in the Workplace

The commercial business workshop explores individual biases, authentically addresses diversity, and provides actionable tools to enhance workplace culture and climate.

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Authored Texts & Articles

Louise is an established author on topics related to ESL education. Explore existing resources or connect to collaborate on future projects.

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Professional learning tailored to meet your students where they are.



Whole-child meets growth mindset.

All learners come to us with skills, asset and previous knowledge; and each of our students is capable of achievement.

In the same regard, every child has a history. For some, that biography includes interrupted formal education, L1 literacy gaps, culture shock, or trauma.

Refugee Classroom considers a range of factors in order to effectively target EL student growth from a whole-child lens. With an explicit plan and tools in place, we set high expectations for our students, confident that students will aim for the bar, wherever we place it.

Get started in growing staff efficacy now.