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Empowering educators to effectively engage refugee & immigrant students.

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Professional Learning

“Mitigating Culturally-Sensitive Trauma” and “Instructional Best Practices for ELLs” are our most popular courses. Explore these and other professional development workshops.

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Keynote Presentations

Louise offers engaging keynotes that center on student stories and practical applications. Each delivery is tailored to meet the focus and demographics of the host organization.

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Diversity in the Workplace

The commercial business workshop explores individual biases, authentically addresses diversity, and provides actionable tools to enhance workplace culture and climate.

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Authored Texts & Articles

Louise is an established author on topics related to ESL education. Explore existing resources or connect to collaborate on future projects.

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Professional learning tailored to meet your students where they are.


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Whole-child meets growth mindset.

All learners come to us with skills, asset and previous knowledge; and each of our students is capable of high achievement.

In the same regard, every child has a history- which, for some, includes interrupted formal education, L1 literacy gaps, culture shock, or trauma.

Refugee Classroom considers a range of factors in order to effectively target EL student growth from a whole-child lens. Using relevant data and site-based specifics to inform action, RC works with school leaders to create a strategic plan for student growth that incorporates research-based best practices that benefit ELLs- and all learners. We are confident that students will aim for the bar, wherever we place it; and so, we place it high.

Get started in growing staff efficacy now.