Our Vision

Newcomer ELLs are assets to our social landscape; and our learning places should reflect this core value.



Thanks for being here!

My name is Louise and I am absolutely passionate about equitable learning opportunities for all students, including our refugee and immigrant English Language Learners.

I strongly believe that no child comes to the educational table empty handed. To that end, our instructional best practices must make room for strategies that meet students where they are (even in dim corners where trauma, culture shock and language barriers are present), draw out critical funds of knowledge, and build confianza.

I’ve always remarked that I’ve learned so much more from my Newcomer students than they have learned from me. It’s true, isn’t it? What a joy it’s been to share my classroom with students from nearly 70 distinct geographical cultures. I’ve traveled the globe through these kids’ combined funds of knowledge, and am a better educator and human as a result.

I’m thrilled to be alongside you in this journey of learning, growing in our professional capacity. YOU are my PLN. Working together, we can make great strides in leading our EL students- and all students- toward their highest learning potential.



Louise El Yaafouri is dedicated to ensuring that schools act as mechanisms for promoting healthy integration for all refugee and immigrant new Americans.

She works closely with schools to develop asset-based and action-oriented EL programming. Refugee Classroom’s innovative trainings center around diversity and trauma-informed practices that support the socio-academic success of Newcomer ELLs and their families.

Louise’s unique lens pulls from her vast experience as a refugee Newcomer teacher and teacher coach, as well as her close working relationships with state, national and international refugee-related organizations. The result is a globally-minded approach with immediate classroom impact.

An established author on Newcomer education, Louise is author if two texts and has contributed to a number of education-related publications, including ASCD Educational Leadership Magazine, Edutopia, Europe in Discourse and Chalkbeat National.

She delivers keynotes and leads professional development sessions in the U.S. and internationally.


Louise El Yaafouri (Kreuzer)
Refugee & Immigrant Newcomer/ESL Consultant